Email Assistance: How do I move a PST to my email account?

Move your Outlook mail folders to your Google Mail account to access them on the Web.

  1. Open Outlook and click on the Mail button located in the lower left corner of the Outlook window.

  1. Scroll through the Mail Folder List located on the left side of the page until you find your Personal Folder. The Personal Folder is located outside of your Google Apps profile.

  1. Expand your Personal Folder and select a subfolder to move to Google Apps.

  1. Right-click the folder and select Move Folder

  1. In the Move Folder popup window, select your Google Apps folder at the top of the list. Click OK to initiate the move.

  1. Step 6: Once the transfer is complete, the folder will appear in your Google Apps profile in Outlook and will be transferred to your University of Maryland University College Gmail Account as Outlook syncs your email. 
  2. Once Outlook has completed syncing your email messages, you will see the folder appear in the Web interface of your Gmail account.
  3. Log into email on the Web at