LEO: How do I attach a file in discussion forums and topics?

Please follow these steps to attach a file to a post in your online classroom's Discussions area. 

1. In the toolbar of the text editor, select the Insert Stuff (play icon), Add a File (camera icon) or Quick Link to Course Materials (chain icon) button, depending on the type of file you wish to attach. 

User-added image

2. A popup window will appear asking where the file you wish to attach is located. Select the appropriate option for your file. 
  • With the Insert Stuff button, you can select YouTube, Flickr, Insert Link or Embed Code 
  • With the Add a File button, you can select My Computer or URL
  • With the Quick Link button, you can link to Announcements from your classroom, a URL from your class, or an Equella Search Resources Object
Note: The system may not allow you to upload a video file from your computer. Instead, you can upload your video to online services such as YouTube or Google Drive, and then add a link to the video in your post. You may also choose to upload a small video to your classroom locker in LEO, but lockers have a capacity of less than 25 MB. For instructions to upload a file to your locker, view LEO: How Do I - Upload Files to My Locker

3. Enter the requested information to attach your file to your post and complete the steps in the popup window to attach your file. 

4. Once you finish drafting your message, select the Post button to publish your post with the attached file.