LEO: Email alias address display issue

Email messages you receive from the online classroom (LEO) will not display the sender's real address when you view your email. Instead, the "from" address will appear as the sender's username + @umuc.edu (e.g., SSNAPE2@umuc.edu). Please note this address is not a working e-mail address. This measure is necessary to avoid having messages from the classroom marked as spam. 

When you reply to a message from the classroom in your email platform, the correct email address will display in the "to" field when you compose a message (e.g., severus.snape@faculty.umuc.edu).

Please Note:

  • Only messages sent through the online classroom are impacted. Any messages sent directly to you from faculty or students outside of the classroom will show addresses as normal.
  • The "Reply-To" address will not populate using the Windows 10 Mail client.
Email mock up