LEO: How Do I – Create a Survey (Faculty)

  1. From the Course Home page, click My Tools drop down menu and select Surveys
  2. Click the New Survey button
  3. Under the Properties tab in the General section, you can fill in the following:
    • Name*
    • Category: Associating a category with a survey allows surveys to be grouped by category in the survey list page.
    • Feedback: Selecting give instant feedback will remove the Submit options from a non-editable survey. Any feedback entered for a question is instantly available to a user taking the survey. 
    • Anonymous: Selecting make results anonymous suppresses display of any user data in survey results. The responses to survey questions are available for all users, but the system does not report who made what response. Once this option is selected, it is not reversible. 
  4. Click the Add/Edit Questions button.
  5. Select the New button and then select a question type from the drop-down list.
  6. Enter your question in the text box. Select Preview to view as a student would see the question. Select Done in the Preview dialog and then click Save to save your question.
  7. When you have finished editing questions, select the Done Editing Questions button.
  8. To include a Description / Submission Message, click the Expand description / submission Message drop down arrow. 
  9. To include a Page Footer, click the Expand page footer drop down arrow.
  10. Click the Restrictions tab to change the Status from Inactive to Active and include a Start or End Date
  11. Click Save and Close when your survey edits are complete.