System Access: How Do I – Request Access for New Employees (IT Liaisons)

IT Liaisons may request access to the following systems for new employees while completing the new employee request form:

  • Salesforce
  • PeopleSoft – Financial Aid module
  • GoArmyEd
  • Edwards
  • Tableau
  • Trends
  • SCCU
  • Online Services (MIS & NTC)
Note: GoArmyEd access is not included in the new hire form; for more information, see System Access: How Do I – Request Access for Current Employees (IT Liaisons) 

Step 1
Open IT Works at

Step 2
Click Request Catalog

Step 3
In the IT Liaison window, select Submit a request for a new employee.

Step 4
Enter the new employee's information and select the hardware, telecom, and other needed equipment. Click Choose Options.

Step 5

You will be brought to the Account Request screen.  The employee information at the top of the form will match the information provided on the previous screen.
User-added image
Step 6: 
If the new employee will require e-mail access, select Yes. If an existing employee has the same e-mail settings as those needed for a new employee, you may list them under Current Employee to Mirror.
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Step 7
If the employee needs access to Share Drives, select Yes.
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Step 8
Under the Approval section, provide your Departmental Approver information. This is the person in your department designated by the department as authorized to request access to systems. If you are unsure who your Departmental Approver is, contact the Service Desk at for assistance. 
In the Department Name field, list the name of the department the new employee is joining.
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Step 9
Requestee Information, list the new employee's Job Title and Direct Supervisor.

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Step 10
Below this, you will see a set of 
dropdown menus for each system. By default, each is set to No.
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To request access for a system, select Yes on the dropdown menu.

Some systems, such as SCCU, do not require additional information beyond what has already been provided.
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Others, such as Salesforce, will display additional fields you must complete if Yes is selected. 
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Note: If you are unsure of the Role or Profile you should request in Salesforce, the Salesforce Roles and Salesforce Profiles links above each field will open Knowledge Base articles that explain Salesforce roles and profiles. If you are still unsure after reviewing these Knowledge Base articles, you may wish to check with your department’s Salesforce expert, or contact the Service Desk at

Step 11
Once you have completed the dropdowns for the systems you need to request, click through tabs you may have selected for other needs (hardware, telecom, etc.) and then click the
Check Out button.

Step 12
You will be taken to a page where you may list special instructions on the request. To finish the request, click Submit Order