Lumen Mastery: Quiz FAQ (Students)

How many quiz attempts will I receive?
You will be given two attempts to answer each summative quiz. 

What counts as a quiz attempt?
Clicking "Start Quiz” on the first page of each quiz counts as one quiz attempt.

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Quizzes are not scored until you submit your final answers and view the results.
If you leave the quiz before viewing final results, you will not receive a score
but you will have used one of your two quiz attempts.

Follow these tips to avoid losing a quiz attempt:

  • Do complete the quiz in one sitting.
  • Do make sure to have a strong internet connection when taking quizzes
            especially when pressing the “submit” button.
  • Use ONLY the three quiz navigation controls inside the quiz iframe while taking the quiz.
  • Use the buttons “Very Sure,” “Pretty Sure” and “Just a Guess” 
to record an answer and move to the next question.
  • Use the “Progress” drop-Down menu at the top to jump between questions. 
  • When jumping between questions, Don’t forget that you still need to press
Very Sure,” “Pretty Sure” or “Just a Guess” after selecting your answer.
  • Use the “Submit” button to submit answers and view results.
  • The “Submit” button appears only after answering the last question.
  • Do NOT leave the quiz before viewing results.
  • Do NOT use any other navigation controls.
  • Do NOT close your browser tab.
  • Do NOT refresh your browser
  • Do wait patiently for results to load; results usually load in under one second
but can take twenty seconds or more at times.
  • If you accidentally Do any of the above, you will receive a warning message.
  • Do pay attention to it and select “Stay on this page” to remain on the quiz and finish it.
Why did I lose my quiz attempts?
You will lose quiz attempts if any of the following occurs during your quiz attempt: 
  • Your internet connection drops or freezes, especially when they press the “submit” button.
  • The quiz tool freezes.
  • Your browser or device shuts down or restarts.
  • You navigate away from the quiz in spite of the warning messages.