LEO: Idle Session Time-Out

The idle session time-out feature is designed to prevent your LEO account from being compromised in the event that your session fails to end after you terminate it, or if you leave your computer unattended for an extended period of time.

Best Practices
Inactivity in a LEO session is determined by the server. While certain activities are recognized by the server, some activities are not. Please note the following:

  • Classmembers who are watching videos or reading in LEO may encounter the idle timeout condition because they are passively watching as opposed to actively clicking buttons and menu items.
  • When taking tests or quizzes, the server does not recognize selecting the radio buttons next to answers or typing in an editor during a fill-in-the-blank or essay-type as activity. It is recommended that you frequently click the Save button next to each answer or the Save All Responses button at the bottom of a page.
  • The server will always recognize selecting the Save button in an assignment or the Post button in a Forum.
  • If you need to enter large amounts of text in LEO, you can create the text in a word processor, then copy and paste the information into an Assignment or other edit box.

Three-Hour Time Limit
If you are inactive in LEO for three hours, your session will time-out and you will be required to log-in again. You will receive a pop-up warning message approximately 5 minutes before the session expires.

Time-Out Messages:

  • LEO Time-Out Warning Message: Are You Still There? This message will appear five minutes before your LEO session will automatically time-out. To remain logged in, click Save in any area of the classroom, or click Post in a forum or discussion.
  • LEO Session Has Timed-Out Message: You've Been Away This message will appear five minutes before your LEO session will automatically time-out.  Log in again.

Mobile Device Reconnection Instructions
If your mobile device times-out due to inactivity in LEO and you wish to re-establish your session, you must close all tabs and clear the cache on your iPhone or Android device before it will re-connect to LEO.