Disenrollment: Will I be disenrolled from my classes for non-payment?

Disenrollment is the process by which a student's classes are dropped for non-payment. Disenrollment may cause a student to lose eligibility for other services such as receipt of transcripts, receipt of diplomas, etc. The disenrollment process occurs Monday - Friday at 09:30 AM EST.

  • The Office of Student Accounts (OSA) will begin disenrollment approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of a session and will continue to run within the first seven (7) calendar days of class.
  • Disenrollment will run (automatically) throughout the semester until all start dates have passed and (manually) through the first week of classes.
Classes are eligible for disenrollment if:
  • The due date for the tuition charges has passed (the balance has become overdue)
  • The past due tuition charges exceeds $250.00
  • You are not enrolled in a student group meant to be excluded from disenrollment
  • A service indicator meant to prevent disenrollment is not on your account
Additional information pertaining to the disenrollment process is available on the Disenrollment for Nonpayment webpage.