Disenrollment: Will I be disenrolled from my classes for non-payment?

If payment is not received in full by the due date, a student is at risk of being disenrolled, which means they could be dropped from their classes. If a student is disenrolled, they will not be permitted to re-enroll into that course in that session. The student may work with their advisor to determine if the same or equivalent course is available in the next session.   

If you no longer wish to be enrolled in your class, you are responsible for officially dropping the class via MyUMUC. For instructions, please view Course Drop/Withdrawal: How do I drop or withdraw from a class online?

Disenrollment occurs approximately one week after the class begins.

You may be disenrolled from your classes if:

  • The payment due date has passed (the balance has become overdue).
  • Past due charges exceed $250.
  • You are not identified as a student who qualifies to be excluded from disenrollment (such as financial aid recipients and students using military Tuition Assistance or veterans education benefits).
  • A service indicator meant to prevent disenrollment is not on your account.
Disenrollment may cause a student to lose eligibility for other services such as receipt of transcripts, receipt of diplomas, etc.

Additional information pertaining to the disenrollment process is available on the Disenrollment for Nonpayment webpage.