Military: How do I receive credit for my prior military service?

The military transcript is the sole source document needed for any military school listed on the document. In some cases supporting documentation in addition to the military transcript is required to ensure credits are able to be transferred. Read more about transfer credit options for military and veterans on the University of Maryland University College website.

Other Options
In some cases (e.g., you took the course many years ago), you may not have a military transcript. This list of resources should help you find documentation of your past coursework or military experience in order to transfer credits to the University of Maryland University College.
  • Veterans may submit Department of Defense (DD) Form 214 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty only when military transcripts are unavailable. Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) and copies of non-commissioned officer enlisted evaluations should be submitted as well to support the DD Form 214.
  • Veterans of the Army may need to provide DA Form 2-1 (Army Enlisted).  Enlisted evaluation reports should be submitted as well.
  • Veterans of the Navy may need to provide NAVPERS 1070/604 (Navy Enlisted) or NAVPERS 601-4 (Navy Warrant and Limited Duty Officers)
  • Active-duty personnel, especially those who have enlisted training and experience while enlisted with other Services, can receive credit by supplementing their military transcript with Department of Defense (DD) Form 295 Application for the Evaluation of Learning Experience During Military Service.  Supporting documentation may be required. You will need to go to your local Education Center or Navy College Office for help on this form.
  • Veterans may request their military personnel records from the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.

How and Where to Acquire Your Military Transcript and Supporting Documents

Air Force Personnel (Active duty, Air National Guard, reserve, and veteran)

Navy Personnel

Coast Guard Personnel

Marine Corps Personnel (Active duty, reserve, and veteran)

  • Joint Services Transcript (Active duty and veterans)
  • Marines who want to document MOS occupational credit need to submit non-commissioned officer evaluation reports (NCOER evaluation reports that they held that job for a year in appropriate rank).

Army Personnel

Joint Services Transcript (JST) (Active duty, National Guard, reserve, and veteran)

Army NCO’s who want to document MOS occupational credit need to submit non-commissioned officer evaluation reports (NCOER) that will show they held that job for a year in the appropriate rank.

Officers and Warrant Officers with no prior military service or other service members taking Army courses should go to the Army Education Center for a DD Form 295.

The Army Service School Academic Report (DA Form 1059) used to document training courses for officers and warrant officers is an acceptable form of documentation if mailed from Army school or certified by Army Education personnel.

Members of the Selected Reserve

Joint Services Transcript (Active Duty and veteran)

Department of Defense Schools

Many Department of Defense schools, such as Defense Language Institute and other military schools like Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) and National Cryptologic School, issue their own transcripts. If you attended any of these specialized schools, an official transcript must be requested in addition to your other military records.