Overseas Transfers: I need information about transferring credits I earned overseas

TopicTransferring from Overseas

To protect the student's investment of educational effort and the value of the degree, UMUC will not award credit for courses that repeat work done elsewhere. Students who have earned credit at other colleges are responsible for determining whether courses they plan to take at UMUC would duplicate any previously earned credit. In certain disciplines, some of the content of community college courses may overlap that of beginning upper-level UMUC courses. Students who are in doubt should consult an advisor before registering.

Credit toward a UMUC degree may be granted for work completed through the kinds of institutions described in the following sections. As many as 45 semester hours of transfer credit (in any combination) may be counted toward the associate's degree (the associate's is available to active-duty military only); as many as 90 semester hours may be counted toward a bachelor's degree.

Please note: UMUC will accept as transfer credit no more than:

  • 70 semester hours from a regionally accredited two-year college or university
  • 90 semester hours from a regionally accredited four-year college or university or from other combined sources including credit by examination, military service or non-collegiate training.

A student who wants to transfer credit from other institutions to UMUC should consider the following options:

  • Students who live in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area may attend an information session conducted by a new student advisor or academic advisor. For information about the scheduled times for these sessions, students should call 800-888-UMUC (8682)
  • Students who are located outside the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area should call 800-888-UMUC (8682) to speak with a new student advisor about potential transfer credits.
  • Students who previously attended a community college in Maryland should consult ARTSYS, the USM Articulation System, for more information.

Note: Credit earned at other institutions during a period of disciplinary suspension will not be accepted in transfer to UMUC.

Other Colleges and Universities

When the grade earned was at least C, transfer credits from regionally accredited two and four year colleges and universities may be accepted for courses that apply to the student's curriculum and do not duplicate other courses for which credit has been awarded.

A total of 70 semester hours of credit from two year institutions (junior colleges or community colleges) may be applied toward a bachelor's degree at UMUC.

A student who has already matriculated at UMUC may be granted permission to take lower-level courses at a junior college or a community college before having completed 70 semester hours of credit at a junior college or a community college. To receive credit for work completed at such institutions, the student must submit a written request to an academic advisor. Such requests must be submitted well ahead of the semester for which the student is registering.

A student who initially enrolled in the public community colleges of Maryland will be admitted to UMUC in conformance with the policy developed and approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission.