Transcripts: How do I view my unofficial transcript?

Please follow the instructions below to view, print or download an unofficial transcript from University of Maryland University College. There is no charge to view, print or download an unofficial transcript, but you must have an active UMUC username and password to access your unofficial transcript.  

  • Note: If you need to order an official transcript, or if you don't have an active UMUC username and password, please follow these instructions.

  1. Go to the Transcripts page in MyUMUC.
  2. Scroll down to the section with the heading View Unofficial Transcript.
  3. Use the Transcript Type drop-down menu to select a transcript type. Note: Most students will want to select Undergraduate Unofficial or Graduate Unofficial
  4. Click the Generate Transcript button to have MyUMUC generate a transcript. When the transcript is ready to view, it will appear in the list under the button with the transcript type, date requested, and a link to view a PDF of the transcript.
  5. Click the Regenerate link or the PDF icon.
  6. When the link text changes to View Transcript, the transcript is ready to view. Click the link to view your transcript. You can use your browser to print or download your transcript if you wish. If these instructions do not produce your transcript as expected, please use the Alternate Instructions below. 


Alternate Instructions

Please use these instructions if the steps above did not produce your unofficial transcript.  

Step 1: Log into the old MyUMUC with your username and password. Note: Ignore the message stating "Attention Students: The newly redesigned MyUMUC for Students is here!..."

Step 2: Click MyAcademics on the navigation bar and then click View My Unofficial Transcripts.

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Step 3: On the View Unofficial Transcript page, choose an Academic Institution and Report Type from the drop-down menu and then click View Report

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Step 4: Your new report will appear on the Previous Requests page, along with other transcripts you have requested. Each transcript request will be saved. Click View Report. A PDF document of your transcript will download to your computer. Click the file on the taskbar at the bottom of your browser window to open, view, and print the document.

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