State Central Collections Unit (SCCU): I've paid my SCCU account balance in full. When will it be reflected in my account?

After satisfying your outstanding balance with the State Central Collections Unit (SCCU), it can take up to one month for your updated balance to reflect in your account.

Students who need to perform a task such as requesting transcripts or registering for classes can contact SCCU and request that a copy of their Paid in Full receipt be faxed to the University of Maryland University College at 301-985-7858.

The copy of your Paid in Full receipt must come directly from SCCU; it cannot come from you. Also, there is a turn-around time of one business day for processing a Paid in full receipt received via fax from SCCU.

Note: Fax is the only method used by SCCU for transmitting Paid in Full documents to the University of Maryland University College.