Course Drop/Withdrawal: What are my options for dropping or withdrawing from a class?

Withdrawing from a course can have financial and academic implications that should be taken into consideration when making this decision. If you receive federal financial aid, you may wish to view Dropping or Withdrawing and Financial Aid.

Academic Drop

There are no academic consequences from this action, but there may be financial aid repercussions for this drop if you no longer meet aid qualifications. The course will show on your registration history as dropped but will not post on any unofficial or official transcripts and does not count as attempted credit.

Academic Withdrawal

Official withdrawal from a class must occur before 65 percent of the total number of days in a session has expired. There will be financial repercussions for this withdrawal based on the refund schedule. The academic consequences from this action include receiving the grade of "W" for the course, which will appear on any unofficial or official transcripts. A grade of "W" will not impact your GPA, but does not count as completed credit toward your degree. 

Drop and Withdrawal Deadlines

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