Financial Aid: Book Allowance / Voucher

Many University of Maryland University College courses do not require students to purchase materials. Students should check their class syllabi for information specific to their courses. If a student requests a book voucher and only uses a portion of their funds, they must wait until the end of the semester to reconcile their account and process a refund. It can take up to 14 day to receive a book allowance refund from the day the refund is posted to an account.

Students should visit MBS Direct and research the cost of the books before they choose to receive a book allowance of $300, $400, or $500. They should also ensure they have enough financial aid to cover their outstanding balance and the amount of the book allowance.

To apply for a Book Allowance Voucher:

Log in to MyUMUC, go to Finances, and click Book Voucher Request. After you submit your application, the next screen will indicate whether the application has been approved or denied.

If approved, the Office of Financial Aid (OFA) will request a charge to the student’s account, which will take approximately one business day to see. The amount of the book allowance will show as a charge and will be withheld from any pending refund.

Purchase Books:

Once the allowance has been placed on the account, books can be ordered through MBS Direct.

  • Online: The student will receive an email from MBS Direct with instructions for completing an online purchase with a voucher number and their student ID number. The voucher ID number will be emailed to them by MBS and they only need to use it when ordering online.
  • By Phone: Students can call MBS Direct at 800-325-3252 to order books using their student ID number for identification.
Note: Students using the book voucher processed through the University of Maryland University College OFA must make their purchases via MBS Direct.

Requests may be denied for any of the following reasons:
  • The student's financial aid has already been disbursed.
  • There is not enough financial aid in the student's account.
  • There is no financial aid pending.
  • The student already requested a book allowance for the semester.
  • The request was made for a term or session that has not opened, or is already closed.