Financial Aid - Return of Title IV Funds: Returning Award Money When a Student Withdraw from Class

Returning Financial Aid Award Money when a student withdraws from class(es).

Students receiving federal financial aid have the responsibility to follow UMUC's withdrawal procedures. The 1998 Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act requires UMUC to calculate a return of Title IV Funds on federal financial aid students who withdraw from classes on or before the 60 percent attendance point in the semester. UMUC is required to return to the federal programs any award funds that were unearned based on the percentage of attendance.

Please select the following link to view the Federal Financial Aid Return of Title IV Funds Policy.

Note: A student's 60% completion point is defined by the last day they attended class(es); not the date they withdrew from class(es).

You can view additional financial aid information by selecting the following link: Financial Aid Policies and Information.