State Central Collections Unit (SCCU): How do I pay if my account balance has been transferred to SCCU?

Once an account balance has been transferred to the State Central Collections Unit (SCCU), all payments must be made through the SCCU. However, if the hold in the Student Portal notes the balance is an abatement (a delinquent balance of $50 or less), it should be paid to the University by calling 800-888-8682 and speaking with a member of the Student Services department. 

Note: Once a balance has been transferred to SCCU, a collection fee of 17 percent is added to the total amount transferred.

SCCU Payment Options

  • Phone: Call SCCU at 410-767-1220 or 888-248-0345 (toll-free). Students will need to provide their Social Security Number.
  • Online: Pay online here. Students will need to provide their debtor number, account number and ZIP code on file with SCCU. This information can be obtained by contacting SCCU at 410-767-1220 or 888-248-0345 (toll-free) or University of Maryland University College at 800-888-8682.
For more information about payments to SCCU, visit the Maryland Department of Budget and Management website.