UMUC Honor Societies: Academic Criteria

Topic: Information regarding UMUC's Honor Society Membership

Honor Societies are national organizations that celebrate the scholarship and leadership of students in specific fields of study. As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to enrich the UMUC community, attend regional and national conferences, and meet scholars and leaders from other universities.


Honor Society


Faculty Moderator

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Alpha Sigma Lambda

Student Success

Shelley Hintz

Undergrad students who earned at least 24 credits and maintained a 3.7 GPA

National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Student Success

Jessica Sweet

Undergrad students who earned less than 60 credits with a 3.4 or higher GPA

Lambda Pi Eta


Liz Enriquez

Undergrad students who earned at least 60 credits and 12 in Communication Studies

Sigma Tau Delta


Liz Enriquez

Qualified Undergraduate students who major in English

Phi Alpha Theta


Linda Ruggles

Undergrad students with at least 12 credits in History and a 3.5 GPA

Phi Kappa Phi


Erin Sanchez

Grad Students who are in final session of degree coursework and in the upper 10% of their graduating class

Upsilon Pi Epsilon


Elexis DeGale

Grad/Undergrad Computing Students

Pi Gamma Mu


Kathy Im

Undergrad students in final 60 credits with at least 20 credits in social science

Pi Lambda Theta


Kristin Kubik

Grad candidates pursuing any content area within the MAT program. Candidates must have completed 12 credits in the program with a minimum 3.5 GPA

Upsilon Phi Delta


Deborah Horowitz

Qualified undergrad Health Services Management students

Upsilon Phi Delta


Meena Bipat

Grad students pursing a degree in Healthcare Admin., with 18 credits and a min. 3.5 GPA


Veteran’s Initiatives

Chris Tipton

Active-duty military and veterans with at least 12 credits at UMUC and a 3.0 or higher (various tiers)

Sigma Alpha Pi/NSLS

Student Success

Jessica Sweet/Shelley Hintz

Students and alumni who have been recognized as leaders at UMUC to help obtain leadership skills for the workforce

Sigma Phi Omega


Kathy Im

Undergrad students majoring or minoring in Gerontology, who are at least in their 2nd term of enrollment, have a min. of 12 credits, and a cum. 3.3 GPA

For a listing of UMUC's Honor Societies and their academic criteria, please select the following link: Honor Societies