Financial Aid - Financial Aid Award Adjustment: Grade Level Change from Undergraduate to Graduate Student

In some cases financial aid is incorrectly awarded to students because their grade level has changed (e.g., from undergraduate student to graduate student) in one financial aid year. In order for their financial aid award to match their program, these students must re-submit their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Make and Submit changes to your FAFSA
Undergraduate students should login to their FAFSA account to Make Corrections to the current year's FAFSA. Once logged in, the student must go to the tab titled Student Demographics and answer the following three (3) questions:
(1) When you begin 2017-2018 what will be your grade level?

  • For 2nd Bachelors: 5th year/other undergraduate
  • For Grad Students1st year  graduate/professional or continuing graduate/professional and beyond

(2) When you begin 2017-2018 school year what degree or certificate will you be working on?

  • Student selects the program they are entering (e.g., 2nd bachelor’s degree, Certificate/Diploma, graduate/professional degree, etc.)

(3) Will you have your first bachelors before 7/1/2017?

  • Yes

Note: Students will need to re-sign their FAFSA (with their FSA log in), then re-submit it before the changes can be viewed by the University of Maryland University College.