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Adjunct faculty, overseas collegiate faculty, students, and alumni transitioned to Microsoft Office 365 from Google G Suite on Thursday, September 5, 2019. Office 365 resources are available for faculty here and for students and alumni here.

How do I officially withdraw from the University of Maryland University College?

Students will become inactive when it has been two or more years since they last enrolled in a class at the University of Maryland University College. Inactive students must reapply for admission before being able to enroll in classes again.

Students who are still active because they have registered for classes within the last two years can withdraw from the University if they wish to do so. This is necessary if a student wants to use his or her financial aid at another school. Students cannot use financial aid at more than one school; an official withdrawal request helps demonstrate that they are not receiving aid at two schools.

To officially withdraw from the University of Maryland University College, students should send an e-mail to with that request and with their name and EmplID.

Note: Students withdrawing from the University are responsible for fees associated with courses, application fees, or any other charges incurred.