MBA Program: Why can’t I see the AMBA 620+ and DMBA 620+ Courses in the Schedule of Classes?

Our Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is based on a cohort system. In order to keep your cohort together through the program, our MBA department will automatically enroll you into every course after AMBA 610.

Students must be admitted into the Dual Master of Business Administration (DMBA) program, and will therefore, need the help of an advisor to register for their first course, DMBA 610. DMBA 620 and DMBA 630 have a pre-requisite of DMBA 610, therefore they are only open to DMBA students.

Asia Division Information
* Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Civilians:

  1. You'll need to register yourself for the perquisite course, AMBA 600, and the first six credit course, AMBA 610, through your MyUMUC account. 
  2. After AMBA 610, your Academic Advisor and/or the Asia MBA Program Office will assist you with registering for the following courses. Please note, these courses will not appear in the online schedule

* Army

  1. You'll need to register via your GoArmyEd portal for the initial courses (AMBA 600 and AMBA 610)
  2. After AMBA 610, please contact your local Academic Advisor or the Asia MBA Program Office for the GoArmyEd class number