Financial Aid: What is the process for requesting an in-school deferment?

The University of Maryland University College participates in the National Student Clearinghouse, which provides information regarding a student’s enrollment status to the US Department of Education (ED) on a monthly basis. As a result, students do not usually need to request a deferment.

However, there may be an occasion when you need to communicate your enrollment status to your lender before the monthly clearinghouse reporting process is complete. If this is the case, follow the expediting process described below.

Expedite the Deferment Process:
  1. Students who wish to expedite the process should request a deferment form from their lender. They submit the form using one of the following methods:
  • Mail the form to the University of Maryland University College Office of the Registrar by mail, at the following address:
University of Maryland University College
Attn: Student Records (outgoing transcripts)
3501 University Blvd East
Adelphi, MD 20783
  • Deliver the form by “walk-in” to the following address:
1616 McCormick Drive
Largo, MD 20774
  • Fax the form to (240) 684-2005
  1. Deferment forms must contain a handwritten signature, as required by lenders. Deferment forms can no longer be emailed. 
  2. If a student has more than one lender, he or she must complete separate deferment forms for each lender.

Note: Please allow 3 to 5 business days for processing

Please send questions or concerns by e-mail to or call 800-888-8682 ext. 2222.

Addendum: Alternate loan borrowers should contact their lender(s) directly and request the lender-specific in-school deferment form. Once received, the form should be completed, signed, and mailed to the Office of the Registrar at the address above