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Enrollment Verification: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For instructions to log into the enrollment verification system, please view Enrollment Verification: How do I request enrollment verification?

Q. How can I request enrollment verification?
A. Current students can place enrollment verification requests through MyUMUC. The link to verify enrollment is found in the Academic Records section.

Q. Is there a cost for this service?
A. No, enrollment verification certificates are provided free of charge. 

Q. Can I send the enrollment verification PDF electronically?
A. Yes, the report can be sent by e-mail or fax. 

Q. Who can I contact if I encounter problems?
A. Contact Student Records (outgoing transcripts) at

Q. Can I order my transcript through the National Student Clearing House (NSC)?
A. No. Official transcripts must be ordered at

Q. Will my employer and other companies, organizations, and institutions accept this verification?
A. Yes, the National Clearing House (NSC) verification is accepted by third parties and institutions as proof of enrollment with the University of Maryland University College. The NSC logo authenticates the document as official proof of enrollment and can be submitted to a third party.

Q. What are the Enrollment Information On File and Student Loan Deferment Notification options?
A. Enrollment Information On File represents the most recent enrollment information provided by your institution for the current semester. For more information, please contact
Student Loan Deferment Notifications represent all notifications of deferment sent by NSC to your lender. This information is updated monthly.

Q. For loan deferment purposes, can I submit the enrollment verification for a future term that has not begun?
A. Lenders often do not process deferments until the term has begun and will not accept enrollment verification for future terms. For consideration, the enrollment verification can be submitted to lenders 30 days before the start of classes.

Q. Who can I contact if a third party agency or employer is stating there is a hold on my account, but I have verified with the University of Maryland University College there is no hold?
Contact Student Records (outgoing transcripts) at  The information in the NSC portal may need to be updated depending on the student.