Graduate School Changes - Effective Fall 2015: Changes to USCP 615A/ AMBA 600, MS Data Analytics, and Time Limits

Graduate School Curriculum Changes Effective Fall 2015 for the 2015/2016 academic year.

Time Limits
To ensure that your program remains relevant and up-to-date, the Graduate School sets time limits for graduating. Effective Fall 2015, all master's degree and graduate certificate programs will have a 5 year limit. Doctoral programs will continue to have 7 year limits.

MS Data Analytics
The MS Data Analytics program will become a 36 credit program as opposed to a 39 credit program to make it more competitive with similar programs in this in-demand field. DATA 600 will no longer be required. Any student who has not already completed DATA 600, even those who may have been admitted before Fall 2015, can begin the program with DATA 610.

For more about completing your graduate program, see the University of Maryland University College Policy for Degree Completion Requirements for the Graduate School policy. If you are concerned that you may not graduate within the appropriate time-frame, contact your Graduate School Academic Advisor.