Military Spouse Career Advancement Account (MyCAA): What are the MyCAA Spouse Portal and AI Portal URLs?

What are the MyCAA Spouse Portal and AI Portal URLs ?


MyCAA Spouse Portal:

Spouses use the MyCAA portal to access the MyCAA benefit. The portal must be used to submit necessary documents and to request MyCAA financial assistance from DoD. Currently, school participation information is also available on the School Resources page of the MyCAA Spouse Portal. This page can be accessed directly from the following link:

AI Portal:
Schools use the AI Portal to input and upload data such as invoices, grades and course catalogs for MyCAA spouses. The AI Portal is intended to complement the schools’ information systems, not replace them. For example, the invoice number used in the schools invoicing system should also be used in the MyCAA system. User Guides, located in the Essential Documents section of the AI Portal, are also available to help schools as they are working in the AI Portal.