UMUC: Serving Military Students Since 1947

Military Tuition Assistance Alert

UMUC is actively following developments relating to the suspension of military Tuition Assistance benefits and is committed to helping you continue your education. Visit our military benefits page to learn about alternative funding options.

UMUC is dedicated to serving our military, veteran and civilian students. We understand the challenges you face in earning your degree and strive to provide a supportive environment so you can focus on your educational goals. 

  • Need information about military education benefits?
    Learn how UMUC can help you maximize your military and veteran education benefits and discover other ways to meet and manage the costs of your education.
  • Want to talk to a military and veteran advisor?
    Specially trained military and veterans advisors are here to help. Call Military Advising at 877-275-UMUC (8682) or Veterans Advising at 800-939-UMUC (8682).
  • Are you a prospective student?
    If you're not enrolled at UMUC yet, learn how you can get started in just five easy steps.

Video: UMUC’s Proud Military Heritage

In 1947, UMUC became the first U.S. university to educate the military overseas. Watch this video to learn more.