The cost of a degree is one of the most important considerations in the decision of whether—and where—to pursue higher education. To help our prospective students determine their education costs, University of Maryland University College has launched the Time and Tuition Estimator.

This tool can provide an idea of the overall cost for each of our bachelor's or master's degrees and undergraduate or graduate certificate programs. It also includes a way to see how various tuition savings (like scholarships) can reduce your overall costs.

The Time and Tuition Estimator calculates a preliminary graduation date based on your expected start date and the number of terms and credits you enroll in per year. You can modify your selections at any time and watch your estimated costs, savings, and graduation date change accordingly in the sidebar in real time.

Savings Estimate

A section inside the tool called "Ways to Save" can help you find ways to offset your education costs. The tool customizes your savings estimate based on the academic program you select. You can input your anticipated transfer credits, scholarship award amount(s), tuition assistance, and employer to estimate your savings. The tool also provides you with an estimate of Federal grants and Direct Loans, for which you may also qualify.

Results Summary

You can view your results in a detailed summary that includes

  • A price breakdown of tuition, fees, total savings, and how they were calculated
  • An estimated graduation date with details of how it was calculated
  • A summary of your responses
  • A print option for a printer-friendly version of the page