Functional Resume
Writing Your Objective or Career Profile

Note: Your resume should have either an objective or a career profile.

Writing Your Objective

The Objective is most popular for entry-level positions or when you know exactly what position you are seeking. It can be a clear, concise statement used to request the position you seek or it can list the title of the job that you want.

Choosing the Objective:

When writing your Objective, remember to

TIP: The Objective is best used when you know exactly what position you are applying for. 

Writing Your Career Profile

The trend for resumes is leaning more towards the Career Profile or Career Summary. These high-impact statements allow the writer to present him/herself in the best possible way, highlighting those attributes most relevant and valuable to the hiring manager. The goal for this section is to provide the reader an opportunity to see how you would be a great asset to his/her team. It is an introduction as well as an invitation to read more.

The Career Profile is a good option for the experienced professional candidate.

Choosing the Career Profile:

TIPS: Creating Your Career Summary/Profile

  • Keep your Profile focused on one career goal.  If you have multiple goals then write multiple profiles (use one per resume)
  • Assess your skills and credentials and determine how they measure up to the employers goals
  • Combine your skills and achievements into a compelling statement that shows how the employer will benefit from hiring you and what you bring to the table
  • Feel free to add core competencies or key skills


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