Exams and Testing

UMUC does not require students to register and pay for proctored  final exams for stateside courses. Non-proctored assessments allow students to  demonstrate their understanding of course concepts without the inconvenience  and expense of proctored on-site exams. Non-proctored assessments provide  students with final assessments that mirror the kinds of thinking and writing  that they will be expected to demonstrate in their careers and communities.

UMUC's Test Centers provide placement testing to students. For questions about placement testing services, please contact the Office of Enrollment Management  at testingcenter@umuc.edu.

Students with Disabilities

UMUC strives to meet the  needs of all students. If you require any special testing accommodations  because of a temporary or permanent disability, please notify the Testing  Center well in advance of your testing appointment or final exam session.

E-mail testingcenter@umuc.edu.