Tutoring and Mentoring

UMUC offers free individualized assistance to help students achieve their academic and career goals.

Mentoring Programs

Tutoring Services

Career Mentor Program

The UMUC Career Mentor Program provides one-on-one career coaching to both undergraduate and graduate students by connecting you via electronic communication with alumni and industry professionals. Through this program, you can expand your network, make connections in their profession, learn about emerging trends, strengthen your interpersonal skills, and receive support from your mentor.

You can sign up for the Career Mentor Program at any time. Contact us to learn more about the program.

UMUC One2One Mentorship Program

UMUC's One2One Mentorship Program provides individualized peer support to veterans, servicemembers, and their families. The program focuses on integrating students into UMUC by providing guidance on military benefits, career advice, encouragement, and general support.

The program is open to veterans, servicemembers, and their dependents that are:

  • First time freshman
  • First-year transfer students
  • First-year or second-year UMUC students

Experienced students are encouraged to join the program as mentors. To learn more about the program, please visit the Veterans Resource Center.

Other Mentoring Programs (graduate)

Graduate School Mentoring Programs

Several of UMUC's graduate programs provide mentoring activities either integrated into the program of study or as an option for its students. Contact your program chair to learn more about mentoring opportunities that may be available to UMUC graduate students in your field.

Computing (Undergraduate only)

Software Language Assistant (SLA) tutoring is available online for students enrolled in various computing classes. Support for problem solving, Java programming, C# programming, Computer Architecture, Discrete Math, Relational Databases, and XML are offered each semester.

Online tutoring is held via Web-Ex, an online conferencing tool. Students meet with a tutor one-on-one in a real-time virtual environment for the tutoring session and can communicate with the tutor using audio or online chat.

Register and sign-up for online tutoring sessions.

Please send an e-mail to computing_dept@umuc.edu if you have specific questions.

Online Tutoring (Various Courses)

Online tutoring is located in specific tutoring rooms within the Learning Environment Online (LEO). Once enrolled in a tutoring room, you can post questions for the tutor in the discussion area. Tutors can answer your questions, walk you through example problems, clarify concepts, and provide additional resources.

Some of the tutoring rooms also offer live virtual tutoring using Google Hangouts, Web-Ex, or other online conferencing software, allowing you to interact with the tutors in real-time. All of the tutoring rooms have additional resources (such as explanatory videos and links to external Web sites) if you need information or clarification but not tutoring.

For the Summer 2016 semester, online tutoring is available in the following undergraduate and graduate courses:

  • AMBA600
  • ACCT220, ACCT221, ACCT301, ACCT310, ACCT311, ACCT610, ACCT611
  • ECON103, ECON201, ECON203
  • FINC330, FINC331
  • MGMT640, MGMT650
  • STAT200

You can enroll in the tutoring center through a link in the Content area of your online class. Once you're enrolled in the tutoring room, you can access the room using the "Select a course" menu at the top of the screen when viewing a course in LEO.

Please contact us at studentsuccess@umuc.edu or call 240-684-2899 if you have questions.

Online Writing Tutors (Graduate only)

The Graduate School offers writing tutoring in two formats:

  • Writing coaches embedded in the classroom
  • Writing tutors housed in specific tutoring classrooms within LEO.

Student/mentor interaction works the same way for both formats, giving you the option to:

  • Leave your work in an assignment folder for the tutor to critique before it is due
  • Leave work in a folder to discuss with your tutor after having received feedback from faculty members
  • Post general questions for the tutors to answer
  • Attend a Google Hangout for live interaction with a tutor.

Interaction with the writing tutors is meant to help you shore up weaknesses in your writing, but not to provide copy editing for your work. The Clear Communication videos, which work in conjunction with the Communication Rubric, can be found in the writing tutoring rooms for students needing clarification and practice but not actual tutoring.

Peer-to-Peer Support (Undergraduate only)

You can request to work with a peer tutor or volunteer to be a peer tutor through WiseGuy, which allows you to search for tutors for specific courses or subjects. The free tutoring sessions are conducted online in real-time through Google Hangouts. This is a volunteer service, so availability will vary.

You can also use WiseGuy to rate the tutors you've used. While peer tutors are eager to help others, they are not official tutors who have been hired and trained by UMUC, so UMUC does not verify their qualifications.

Please e-mail studentsuccess@umuc.edu for more information.