FAC Is Accepting Nominations for 2013 Representatives

August 27, 2012

The Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) and the Office of the Provost encourage you to nominate candidates to serve as your FAC representatives and to participate in the upcoming election.

As you may be aware, we are in the midst of a sea of change at UMUC, with a new organizational structure, and a much greater commitment from the UMUC administration to transparency and to increased faculty roles in fundamental academic and strategic institutional decision-making.

The FAC is an 18-member body that represents all faculty from each of our three divisions—UMUC Asia, Europe and stateside—in UMUC’s shared governance process. Involvement in the FAC is a great way to voice your opinions and provide input into UMUC policies and decisions. Your contribution to this shared governance process ensures that faculty concerns are conveyed and considered in decision-making.

FAC membership will require some time commitment, of course. We meet face to face twice annually for several days—in January and August. We also meet each month by teleconference as a body. We have a number of standing FAC committees that will be engaged in important research and policy formulations to propose to administration. Each FAC member’s participation in these committees is expected and welcomed.

Nine representatives will be chosen in the upcoming election:

  • One collegiate faculty representative from the Stateside Division/The Graduate School
  • One collegiate faculty representative from the European Division
  • Five adjunct representatives
  • One adjunct representative from the European Division*
  • One adjunct representative from the Asian Division*

* Please note: Adjunct faculty from the European Division or the Asian Division must choose to run as an Adjunct or as a Divisional Adjunct, but not both.

Nominations will be accepted beginning August 27 through September 10, 2012. Visit the FAC Web page for more information.