Faculty Focus: Catherine Campbell

Near and Far, Catherine Campbell Stays Connected to UMUC

By Alice Manning |   August 2009

Catherine Campbell , Faculty

School of Undergraduate Studies

Faculty member Catherine Campbell’s rich and active history with UMUC began with a teaching position in Maryland in 1989. Since that year, she has contributed in many capacities to the university’s School of Undergraduate Studies (SUS), and has been able to travel and teach from anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

“I have been an adjunct, an academic director of two disciplines—general business and marketing—and filled in as director of SUS marketing while still running an academic discipline,” reflects Catherine. “Now I am devoted to doing what I love: teaching UMUC students.” She is now a full-time (80%) collegiate professor who teaches online.

The enjoyment she feels from teaching is revealed in her involvement in her students' success. Catherine designed and launched UMUC’s marketing major degree program and frequently works with the program’s director on ways to enhance program offerings. She has authored four online courses in marketing, and has served as the secondary faculty member on many others. Recently, Catherine spearheaded the School of Undergraduate Studies’ international perspective cross-curricular initiative, which seeks to help students develop the professional tools they need to succeed in the global workforce. 

Catherine’s devotion also extends to her role as a respected colleague. In addition to teaching courses and serving on numerous SUS committees, Catherine was honored to represent UMUC on a University System of Maryland task force on non-tenured faculty. She is currently serving as a collegiate faculty Adelphi representative on UMUC’s Faculty Advisory Council, an elected body of UMUC faculty members whose role, as Catherine puts it, “is to serve as the eyes, ears and voice of all UMUC faculty, and to offer advice and guidance to UMUC administration on matters of consequence.”

For all that she offers to UMUC, Catherine is grateful for the flexibility that teaching online affords her. In addition to being able to teach from her home office in Cincinnati, she has also been able to travel.  She and her husband recently went skiing in Stowe, Vermont and they have upcoming trips planned for Rome, Boston, New York City, Alaska and Florida.  She sees traveling as an opportunity to teach and learn.

“Thank goodness for online teaching,” said Catherine. “I generally share my travels with my students; I also get lots of travel tips from them. It’s fun to talk about where we are as we teach and learn, especially with those students in Iraq.”

In addition to traveling, Catherine enjoys playing on her Celtic Harp—a gift made for her by her husband and a harp maker in Maryland. She also is an avid race walker who has completed two full marathons and dozen or more half marathons. She recently participated in the “Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon,” held in early May 2008.

Catherine’s energy reveals itself in her personal hobbies and in her teaching. “I do create a very rigorous classroom,” she said. “I like to think that at the end of the day, the students really appreciate the challenge.”