Student Spotlight: Courtney Tipton

Courtney Tipton Keeps It All Together by Planning Ahead

By Lauren Shopp |   March 2010

Courtney Tipton , Student

Courtney Tipton misses her eight-year-old son’s weekend basketball games—she works on the weekends—but always finds creative ways to show up for her duties in life, work and school. In addition to working three jobs, Courtney is also a full-time student at UMUC and a mother. She keeps it all together thanks to planning ahead—coupled with her superb time-management skills.

A graduate of Anne Arundel Community College, where she earned a 3.5 GPA, Courtney came to UMUC aiming to earn her bachelor’s degree. Courtney is now enrolled full time in both online and on-site classes, and her tuition is partially covered thanks to UMUC’s Community College Transfer Scholarship. “The scholarship helped me to be debt-free while attending the university,” Courtney explains. “This scholarship has allowed me to focus more on my studies instead of wondering how my tuition was going to be paid.”

At UMUC, Courtney has found more than just financial assistance—she also encountered helpful faculty and staff. “Whenever I had any questions about my classes, majors, tuition or overall college career, UMUC was always there to help and guide me along the process,” she says.

Courtney relies on scheduling to keep things running smoothly. “I have a schedule that I write down every week and stick with it to find time to do my homework and my other duties as a wife and mother,” she states.

And the basketball games? Courtney has a way of working around missing her son’s games, too. “To show my son I support him, I take him to practices during the week,” Courtney says. “I must be careful in the scheduling of my duties or my ‘life duties’ will get skipped.”

The prospect of earning her bachelor’s degree is her biggest motivator. With a major that focuses on international business, Courtney aims to work worldwide and learn about new cultures. She also plans to earn her master’s degree from UMUC in the future. “Just knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel keeps me focused."