Faculty Focus: Subash Bijlani

Linking Lives and Business With a Global Perspective

By Stephanie Edwards |   October 2010

Subash Bijlani , Faculty

Business and Executive Programs
Graduate School of Management and Technology

Subash  Bijlani brings more than business savvy to UMUC—he brings an award-winning international  perspective.

As the Professor of Practice, Business and Executive  Programs, Graduate School of Management & Technology at UMUC, Subash has set  in motion exciting partnerships that allow UMUC Executive MBA  students to work on global interactive projects sponsored by successful Indian  companies.

Thanks to Subash’s vision, the students were able to meet with business leaders, policy  makers, and industry associations. He negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding  with one of the leading business schools and the premier industry association  in India which allowed UMUC students to work on their projects with students  over 7,000 miles away in New Delhi, India. He believes that this sort of  interactive globalized teamwork is important for students to learn in order to  be successful.

Subash  explains, “With  growing globalization of business, a global perspective is essential for  competitiveness of US companies. As part of their course, our students studied India’s  history, economy, market system, political institutions and business  culture.”

The  project included an exciting two week study-visit to India  where Bijlani shared not only his business savvy, but also the culture of India. Students  were able to present their projects to their sponsoring Indian companies, in  person.

 “For most students, this was their first visit to India,”said  Subash,“visiting offices and factories and meeting with a great diversity of  people, developed an appreciation of another culture. The real value of this  experience was obvious to me when, in their summing up and reflections at end of  the program, a number of students remarked that this was one of their most  memorable experiences of life.”

Long before  Subash bridged the UMUC business world with Indian culture, he’d already led a  dynamic life that won him much respect- and awards. During his 15 years as CEO  of a successful Indian company, Subash took care to improve his community  along with improving the business.

For his  honorable initiatives, Mother Theresa awarded Subash with the Shiromani Award for Extraordinary  Excellence. His pioneering work in the field of technician education and  training  had a lasting impact and his  model later became part of a national program to enhance skill levels of  workforce in India.

He  was also awarded Life Fellowship from  the Indian Institution of Manufacturing Engineers, for his contributions to the  Indian engineering industry.

Subash  explained what he learned from his ambitious achievements, “My biggest contribution has been …  improving the quality of industrial and academic institutions I have worked  with.  In my visits to 35 countries, I  have learnt how common the issues and concerns are of people and organizations  around the globe. I have come to see how a global perspective and mutual  respect for each other’s beliefs and points of view are central to our  success.”

UMUC  students can look forward to another year of linking continents and  experiencing the global marketplace firsthand; Subash’s global project plans  for 2007 are already in the works!