Jeannette (Jenne) Glover

Jeannette GloverJenne Glover has evolved from a figurative, expressionist painter to a mixed-media collagist over more than 30 years. Recently, she has been repurposing earlier works to see the essence of these older works transformed anew.  

According to Glover, she is inspired by the human spirit and by working colors, patterns, rhythm, and repetition into her compositions. She likes seeing how many ways she can use an element yet keep it fresh and different from how she used it previously. Attention to detail and storytelling bring fluidity, movement, and a cinematic quality to her art, so that each piece reads like the part of a greater whole.  

Since 2008, Glover has been writing Voicing Art, an e-newsletter designed to increase awareness, appreciation, and knowledge of the visual arts through people, processes, and culture. 

Glover also works as a program manager in the Department of Human Resources and Management for the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission. In this position, she focuses on organizational development, diversity and inclusion, training, and research and analysis. 

Glover earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts from the University of the District of Columbia and a Master of Science in Management, with a specialization in Human Resources Management, from UMUC.